We’re working to clean pollution from historic coal mining, to encourage organizations to reduce waste and use clean energy, and to boost citizen science, which helps people understand the importance of a clean, healthy environment.

Watershed Program

We create innovative solutions to address water quality problems, ranging from streams tainted by acid mine drainage to leaking septic systems.

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Native Plant Restoration

Wayne National Forest and Rural Action have partnered to restore populations of three threatened Appalachian herb species: American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis), and ramps (Allium tricoccum). The Wayne National Forest provides ideal habitat for these species.

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Non-Timber Forest Products

This Rural Action social enterprise helps outdoor festivals divert waste from landfills to composting and recycling. They work with event organizers from the planning phase through cleanup! They also provide pre-event consultations, on-site waste management, materials sorting, and grounds cleanup.

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Become a citizen scientist! Join our BioBlitz by helping to document species of flora and fauna within the Athens Unit of the Wayne National Forest. This is a multiyear initiative that has already collected thousands of species to date.

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The Rural Open Access Development Mobility Access Plan (ROADMAP) is a three-year initiative that is studying the impact of mobility access and alternative fuel technologies in rural areas.

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Clean Energy Pledge

We work with nonprofits and small businesses to find effective ways to save energy and incorporate renewable energy technologies, such as solar and EV charging stations.

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Zero Waste Pledge

We help businesses and organizations set and achieve zero waste goals by identifying waste that is being produced and ways to reduce it.

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Water Quality Improvements

Everyone deserves clean, drinkable, swimmable water. We work to help communities restore and protect their streams, no matter how big or small the project.

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Appalachian Ohio Watershed Council

A collective voice makes the biggest impact. The Appalachian Ohio Watershed Council (AOWC) is a group of organizations and individuals interested in the best management of water resources throughout our region. We meet quarterly and provide training and resources to our members.

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Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation

We are working to clean up old coal mines and restore the streams they pollute. With the help of many partners, the fish are coming back and the water is running clear.

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Zero Waste Action Plan

This roadmap for solid waste management provides a unified vision and path that Athens and Hocking counties are following to work toward a zero waste economy.

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Trails, Towns, and Ecotourism

Our focus on asset-based development shows communities how their rivers, lakes, forests, and farms can become key drivers of tourism and other opportunities.

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