Michelle Shively MacIver


Director of Project Development, True Pigments


740.677.4047 ext. 350

Michelle Shively MacIver is the Director of Project Development for True Pigments, LLC. She previously served as Rural Action’s Sunday Creek Watershed Coordinator since 2011. During that time she worked throughout Appalachian Ohio, developing and implementing water quality projects addressing impairments, including acid mine drainage (AMD), sedimentation, wastewater, and protecting endangered aquatic species.

She is a Bobcat alum twice over, earning a B.S. in Environmental Geography and an M.S. in Environmental Studies from Ohio University. She serves as the president of the Ohio Mineland Partnership and chair of the Appalachian Ohio Watershed Council.

Michelle’s great-grandparents operated a small “mom and pop” coal mine in southern Ohio and she appreciates the way her life’s work of bringing AMD-impacted streams back to life has brought her family full circle. Michelle is happiest in her waders, out in a creek somewhere doing biological monitoring and community outreach.