Lucy Juedes

Finance Assistant

Lucy Juedes works at Rural Action as part-time Finance Assistant. She provides support for grant reporting, vendor payments, staff/member reimbursements, and any other projects that provide staff a better use of their time.

With roots in Athens County, Lucy is committed to guarding and growing the natural, economic, and cultural resources of our area. She is a graduate of Federal Hocking, Ohio University twice over, and is the child of two OHIO Bobcats. She serves as her church’s treasurer and has also just completed a term on her local school board.

At various times in her life Lucy has worked in marketing, public relations, and crisis communications. She has also taught Lamaze childbirth education classes, volunteered with international exchange students/host families, and served on her credit union’s board. When not supporting her team at Rural Action, Lucy attends Alexander High School ball games; reads Atwood, Butler, and Jemisin; travels; and plants/tends trees.