Jilly Anderson


Multimedia Manager


Jilly Anderson moved to Ohio from her native South Florida in 2010 and grew up in Gallia County, Ohio.  Always passionate about community service and development, Jilly attended Ohio University and completed her bachelor’s in War and Peace studies and Political Science in 2021.

After spending time at the US Embassy in Prague, Jilly began focusing heavily on community development and uplifting marginalized communities. She studied the Roma community in Czechia, and often spent time talking to members of the Roma community to find innovative ways she could use her experiences in Prague to help members of her beloved Appalachia. Upon returning to Southeastern Ohio, Jilly shifted her focus away from international to domestic aid. She began researching broadband access in Athens and its effects on the development of the region, before shifting her focus to environmental activism.

Jilly is a friend to all beings, a skater girl, and lover of French marigolds.