ZW Event Guide 2023 (8.07 MB pdf)

Zero Waste Event Steps

The Zero Waste Program at Rural Action can help small-scale community events within Athens, Hocking, and Morgan Counties in becoming zero waste. By working with our zero waste events coordinator, our goals are to help the organizer first minimize waste generation and secondly divert the remaining waste from the landfill. Our services can include:

  1. Consult with event organizers and help them incorporate zero waste products and practices
  2. Manage logistics for events such as arranging haulers, securing bins , working with vendors, and more
  3. Recruit, train, and manage volunteers
  4. Attend planning meetings leading up to the event and debrief meetings afterward
  5. Provide our equipment for the event
  6. Attend event and manage all zero waste aspects
  7. Include education in the event
  8. Write up a report following the event