Join Rural Action’s Middle Tuscarawas River Watershed office for a drive-it-yourself Spring Wetland Tour on May 15.

“Wetlands serve an important role in the ecosystem by trapping sediment, filtering nutrients, improving water quality, and reducing flooding,” says Sophia Sorboro, an AmeriCorps member serving with Rural Action. “They also store huge amounts of carbon in their plant tissues and soils and have an important impact on the global climate cycle.”

The tour will feature three stops:

  1. Brown’s Lake Bog
  2. Killbuck Marsh Wildlife Area
  3. Zoar Wetland Arboretum

Participants can visit any or all of the stops between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Upon registering, participants will receive a map detailing the location of each stop and information about it. A food voucher from a local restaurant also will be provided.

At each site, speakers will provide information about the wetland and discuss the rare species that call these areas home, including pitcher plants and round-leaved sundews.

Spring Wetland Tour Registration