We work to give every resident and child the knowledge and skills necessary to responsibly protect and restore their local watershed. In partnership with Rural Action’s Environmental Education team, our Watershed staff provide a variety of hands-on educational programs throughout the year.

Field Trips

With programs specifically designed for children, we focus on both meeting state standards for science education while also fostering a deep appreciation and curiosity for the natural world. We work with local school districts to host field trips that can have a classroom component and an outdoor day for in-stream discovery. These field trips have reached over 5,000 students in recent years. Depending on grant support, we are often able to pay for bussing and material costs for students. Contact us for more information.

Summer Camp

We also work with children during our summer day camps. Our day camps are held throughout the summer in different locations around our region. Find more information on our day camps with the Environmental Education program information.


To help equip watershed residents to be the best stewards of their land and water, we offer workshops and technical classes specific landowner needs. Examples of past workshops have included agricultural riparian best management practices, riparian forest management, and rain barrel construction and installation. Take a look at our events calendar to see what workshops we have scheduled, or contact us to request specific information.

Community Presentations

There are a variety of watershed education programs available. Our staff has made many presentations to many community and civic groups, youth programs (such as scouts or YMCA groups), and partner organizations. If you are interested in a special program for your group, contact us today to see our availability and resources.