Appalachian Ohio is filled with both pristine streams and watersheds in need of restoration. Depending on the unique characteristics of a watershed, our program staff has an assortment of tools and resources that can be tailored for specific projects. We have experience with an array of watershed restoration, protection, and management projects. Contact our staff to learn more about any of the projects listed below.

Riparian projects

The land directly adjacent to a body of water has a great influence on the overall water quality. Our staff can help determine the best management practices so that you can still utilize the riparian area without causing erosion or loss of sediment or nutrients into a stream.

Wastewater & Home Sewage Treatment Systems (HSTS/Septic)

Inadequate or failing HSTS systems are a wide-spread issue throughout all of Appalachian Ohio. Our staff is leading innovative research into turning a waste product that costs homeowners money to maintain into a potentially marketable, money-making product. We can help connect eligible landowners with local grants and cost-savings solutions that can help make proper maintenance of your HSTS system feasible.

Is your septic system polluting local watersheds? We have a wealth of resources to help you learn about this important topic.

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Many small communities have large responsibilities when it comes to maintaining wastewater treatment plants. Rural Action has worked to research the best innovative, small-scale wastewater treatment plant options.



Whether it is through the in-lieu fee mitigation banking system or working with companies and agencies to complete compensatory mitigation, Rural Action has experience with successful stream and wetland mitigation projects. We can help identify the best locations for successful project placement and assist with landowner communications. After the project is finished, we can provide qualified monitoring services to meet your long-term reporting responsibilities. Learn more about our contract and technical services, or read about a successful mitigation project in the Huff Run Watershed constructed in partnership with ODOT.


There are many pristine streams and rivers in Appalachian Ohio, full of healthy communities of fish and rare species of plants. Rural Action is leading initiatives to identify these water bodies and work with landowners to protect these valuable areas. A recent example of an exciting preservation project is our work conducting mussel surveys on the Walhonding River. The data resulting from our project will identify where high-value riparian areas are, so that they can be preserved. Our staff has experience with the Clean Ohio grant program, a great resource for both purchasing property and conservation easement.

AMD projects

Resulting from Ohio’s 200-year history of coal mining, much of it before federal regulations were in place, there are numerous abandoned mine lands creating acid mine drainage (AMD) in our region. Learn more about our work with abandoned mine lands and acid mine drainage restoration projects.