Keeping Our Streams Healthy Through Conservation Management

The Partner Producer Program is a voluntary pledge that matches conservation best management practices to each farms needs and helps farmers put those practices on the ground. Producers who commit to or have already implemented at least two of the five high-impact practices can become Partner Producers.

Your farm is unique and you have a set of goals based on your production needs, your land, and your business model. Through the Partner Producer Pledge, we will work with you to ensure that the practices you implement match your goals and are a good fit for your specific geographic location.

The pledge is voluntary and available at no cost. After a free site visit, we will work with you to develop concrete recommendations for best practices that will benefit you financially and will keep your soil and water healthy for this generation and the next!

Where to Take the Pledge

You can take the pledge anywhere in Ohio, but financial resources may be available if you live in the targeted watersheds, including the Walhonding River and its tributaries, such as Killbuck Creek, Kokosing River, and the Mohican River.

These four streams are some of the most important bodies of water in our state – home to endangered animals and pristine water quality. We will help you better understand the small steps you can take to help ensure your land stays healthy and the water nearby is as clean as possible.

The Walhonding River suffers from sedimentation and an overabundance of loose soil particles in the water. This can clog the river bed, decreasing habitat for important aquatic bugs and fish populations. Erosion is the number one cause of sedimentation. The five practices identified to best reduce sedimentation in our nine-county watershed are our high-impact practices listed here.

High Impact Practices

  • Livestock Exclusionary Fencing
  • Stream Crossings
  • Riparian Buffers
  • Cover Crops
  • Soil Testing

Our water sources are important for agriculture, tourism, and for our families. Proactive steps now will lead to a stronger agricultural community and healthier resources for the long-term.

Pledge Benefits

Producers who take the pledge will receive the following benefits at no cost:

  • Free Site Visits
  • Customized Recommendations for Your Farm Based on Your Goals
  • Potential Financial Assistance Beyond Current Federal and State Program Funding
  • Recognition For Your Commitment to Conservation Based Management

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Partner Producer Pledge

Fill out the form below to learn more about the pledge. All information is confidential.

  • Enter the county or counties your farm is located in.
  • Please click the High Impact Practices you are most interested in. Hold down your CONTROL KEY on your PC to select several; use the COMMAND KEY if you are a Mac user.)

This is a joint project between Rural Action’s Watershed and Sustainable Agriculture programs. Contact Shana Angel for more info.

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