Failing septic systems release 120 million gallons of improperly treated wastewater into Ohio water resources — every day.

Is your Household Sewage Treatment System (HSTS) contributing to this problem?

At Rural Action, we’re working with Ohio University to determine if it is possible to reduce the cost of sewage system maintenance by creating a marketable fertilizer from it. Ideally, this could help offset — or even eliminate — the cost of regular septic system maintenance, which is often cited as a factor in why homeowners don’t maintain their systems properly.

In the meantime, we’re working to educate homeowners about the need for regular inspections and maintenance of their systems. We can help connect eligible landowners with local grants and cost-savings solutions that help make proper maintenance of your HSTS system feasible.

We also have created an HSTS Toolbox that provides homeowners with information about how septic systems work, maintenance requirements, and sources of potential financial help if cost is holding you back.

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