Rural Open Access Development Mobility Access Plan (ROADMAP) is a three-year initiative funded by the Department of Energy. This project aims to pilot and study advanced vehicle technologies in a rural setting to gather information and enhance awareness of innovative mobility solutions that fill rural transportation gaps. This project will combine rural mobility access with alternative fuel technology, advancing research and development in the clean transportation sector.

Additionally, the ROADMAP Initiative will work hand-in-hand with the Appalachian Clean Transportation (ACT) Initiative, a 2-year policy, and planning project focused on the growth of the clean transportation sector. Four regional conferences and policy development will be associated with this initiative.

Rural Electrification in Ohio: Challenges and Opportunities

This report assesses the barriers and opportunities to transportation electrification in rural Ohio, with a focus on Athens County and the surrounding rural and Appalachian counties. Information and data on electric vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) infrastructure in Athens County is addressed within the larger context of electric vehicle adoption in rural America, and the county is frequently turned to as a test case for understanding the unique needs of rural communities in order to make targeted recommendations for EV readiness measures.

Challenges and opportunities with EVs in Appalachian Ohio

Project Partners

Ohio Department of Transportation
Drive Ohio
Clean Fuels Ohio