Electric Vehicle Charging StationRural Action’s charging station at the 8 N Plains is helping aid the transition to electric vehicles (EV’s). The charging station that we installed is a level 2 charger, which typically adds about 25-30 miles to your range for each hour you charge it. It is a Chargepoint station, so users will need to download the Chargepoint app and create an account to use the charging station. The charger is free for the public to use on a daily basis from 7am – 7pm. The charger was funded through the AEP EV charging rebate program and an anonymous donor.

We are proud to have installed the first EV charging station in The Plains, Ohio! By helping create a network of public charging stations, we can make it more realistic for people in the Appalachian region to own an EV. The Sustainable Energy Solutions department continues to assist others who are interested in deploying EV chargers in the Appalachian region. Please contact program director, Sarah Conley-Ballew, for more information about EV charging in this region.

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