Farm to OHIO Working Group

The Farm to OHIO Working Group is a group of campus and community stakeholders meeting monthly to work together to use Ohio University local purchasing as an economic driver to improve the community.


  • Rural Action.
  • Community Food Initiatives.
  • Ohio University office of Sustainability.
  • Ohio University Culinary Services.
  • Office of Campus and Community Engagement.

To support greater regional food procurement for OHIO, we:

  • Expand and participate in the Farm to OHIO Working Group.
  • Coordinate and increase Good Agricultural Practices training and GAP certification, and farm business assistance for a network of regional producers, including the OHIO Student Farm.
  • Enhance awareness and demand among stakeholders by providing targeted culinary workshops and educational tastings both virtually and on the OHIO campus for students and community members.
  • Establish a statewide network of institutions that are using local procurement to strengthen regional agriculture.

Work with healthcare providers:

  • Pop-up markets.
  • Produce prescriptions.