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Neighbor Loaves (& Meals) delivers bread and meals purchased at local bakeries and restaurants directly to Athens county food access programs. The project supports our region’s organic staple crop farmers, helps local bakers and chefs sell their products to their customers, and brings their nutritious recipes to our region’s neighbors in need. All items are made with at least 50% local grown staple grain, beans, and nuts, and picked up and delivered directly to food access programs by Community Foods Initiatives and the Athens County Food Pantry.

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Below is the listing for the businesses that are making their Neighbor Loaves (& Meals) using 50% locally grown organic grain and beans. As more local eateries and bakeries join Neighbor Loaves (& Meals), we’ll add details to this page. Start ordering today!

Village Bakery

268 E State St.
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 594-7311

Spelt Bread, Sliced, $5

Ingredients: Made with 50% local whole grains.
Available: In-store & online.

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Kindred Market

284 E State Street Athens, OH 45701
(740) 594-5463

Breakfast Corn Muffins, $8

Ingredients: All Purpose flour (100% soft red kernel wheat), Shagbark Fine Corn flour, Cane sugar, salt, eggs, baking powder, milk, soy free vegan butter, olive oil.

Available: In-store & online.

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Shagbark Seed & Mill

88 Columbus Circle
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 590-2749

Various Ohio Grown organic products $4-$8

Ingredients: 100% Locally Grown Ohio organic corn, heirloom spelt, red fife wheat, black beans and pinto beans, depending on the product.

Available online

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Casa Nueva

6 W State Street
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 592-2016

Vegetarian Chili, $5.50

Ingredients: 50% Locally Grown Ohio Organic Black Beans, tomatoes, corn and spices.
Available: In-store & online.



If you are a customer who wants to place standing orders, or a business interested in participating, get in touch with us!

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