These are some of the classes that will be available to individuals participating in the Appalachian Wood Craft Scholarship.

  1. Hobbyist to Entrepreneur – convert your passions into profit
  2. Planet, Purpose, People, Profit – how to use a business for good
  3. LIGHTS Venture Business Model Canvas
  4. Personal Inventory – who works the wood?
  5. Where does the time go? Time management for makers and woodworkers
  6. Woodworking is WORK – how to self-manage your business
  7. Business Planning Basics – how to get your business established
  8. Wood Product Development – “woodn’t” it be nice for people to buy my finished goods
  9. Marketing & Social Media – how to tell your business story to customers
  10. Woodworker panel discussion with Q&A
  11. Growing your Wood Product business – the wood product ecosystem

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