You can start by submitting your application to Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps using OR by reviewing these position descriptions and answering this survey. Either way, we’ll have you take the survey so we know your position preferences. Open 21-22 positions are listed below.

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Position Descriptions

Watershed Restoration

Watershed Restoration is an important part of Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps, historically and now. All watershed members will engage in water quality monitoring activities including water sampling and chemical and macroinvertebrate data collection, planning, installation and maintenance of treatment systems, community outreach and education activities, volunteer recruitment and engagement, and project-specific fundraising. Members will learn to recognize regional environmental issues such as acid mine drainage, channelization, habitat loss, and nutrient loading. Members also engage in watershed planning and sustainability.

Rural Action Watersheds at the Trimble Office (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

Three (3) members will serve in Trimble, Ohio, at the Rural Action Community Center. One member will focus on modern rural concerns such as wastewater treatment issues, social enterprise, and surface water quality monitoring and improvements, one member will focus on promoting watershed rehabilitation and water quality improvement through education and outreach activities, and one member will focus on watershed assessment through stream monitoring and data collection and analysis. Members will be working together and with the watershed staff and each member will have the opportunity to gain experience in a range of watershed-related work, like chemical and biological stream monitoring, data analysis, and community outreach.

Rural Action Watersheds at the Middle Tuscarawas Office

This member will serve at the Middle Tuscarawas Watershed office in Mineral City, Ohio. Middle Tusc members have additional opportunities to serve in zero waste programming, community-based environmental education, and community organizing. This AORC member will be teamed up with a Rural Action AmeriCorps VISTA colleague.

Norma Johnson Center (Environmental Education focus)

This member will serve in the same communities as the Middle Tuscarawas Watershed AmeriCorps, but will focus on environmental education programming at and around the Normal Johnson Center in Dover, Ohio. The AmeriCorps will design and lead community outreach programming for children, families, and adults, as well as facilitating popular events such as the seasonal butterfly enclosure. This member will also occasionally assist the Watershed AmeriCorps with special sampling and education events.

Raccoon Creek Partnership (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

Two members will serve with the Raccoon Creek Partnership 501 (c) 3 nonprofit watershed group. These members, with office space at the Ohio University Voinovich School in Athens, Ohio, assist with a wide variety of watershed-related tasks, from chemical and biological monitoring to data entry, environmental education, and social media. Raccoon Creek mainstem is 112 miles long and the watershed drains parts of 6 counties in southeast Ohio.

Buckeye Trail Association Volunteer Leader AmeriCorps

The BTA Volunteer Program Coordinator (VPC) is an AmeriCorps position selected by the Executive Director to serve on-site in the BTA office in Shawnee, Ohio. The VPC reports to the Executive Director for an indefinite term. The VPC is also in close communication with various BTA Board committees, teams, BTA Chapters, and individual volunteer leaders. Some projects will focus on Wayne National Forest territory and the member will serve alongside WNF staff.

Buckeye Trail Association Communications AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

This member will serve from Shawnee, Ohio, to develop a communication strategy to promote BTA and it volunteer opportunities. Social media, press releases, Facebook, and web postings will be the responsibility of the member along with communications with volunteer leaders on volunteer opportunities, events, and volunteer recognition. Participation in trail maintenance and events is included.

United Plant Savers Education and Trail AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

These members will serve out of the UpS property in Rutland (Meigs County). The members will develop trails, create and monitor botanical woodland test plots, coordinate education activities, support the propagation of native plants, help to manage invasive species, and recruit and manage volunteers.

Civic Tourism AmeriCorps with Ohio’s Hill Country Heritage Area (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

This position will focus on education and economic development through tourism in Appalachian Ohio specifically in Monday and Sunday Creek watersheds. Outreach education including planning and facilitation of regional meetings, organization and development of volunteer cleanups and events with an educational component, linkages with other tourism organizations and activities, and coordination with Zero Waste festival activities are included in the member responsibilities.

Crane Hollow Preserve Environmental Education and Land Stewardship AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

This member will serve with Crane Hollow Preserve in Hocking County, Ohio. The member will help to monitor and control invasive species, propagate native species, and support regional environmental education efforts.

Crane Hollow and Ohio Museum Complex Member (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

This member will engage in data entry to transcribe scanned, handwritten field notes into the database that directly correlate with a newly accessioned natural history specimen collection from Crane Hollow Preserve, assist with configuring the Crane Hollow collections space, and provide feedback to streamline data entry and specimen accessibility and care. They will serve part time out of Crane Hollow in Hocking County and part time from Ohio University (The Ridges).

Education and Restoration AmeriCorps with Perry County SWCD

This member will serve as an educator and outreach coordinator at the Perry County Soil and Water Conservation District in Somerset (but moving to New Lexington), working with school groups, day camps, and the public to promote healthy watersheds and eco-friendly living.

Licking Parks District AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

Also serving out of Licking County/Newark, this AmeriCorps member will promote the use of public lands in Licking County, especially “passive recreation” lands like hiking and biking trails. The member will also lead and promote environmental education activities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Camp Oty’Okwa

Camp Oty’Okwa is located in the Hocking Hills region, not far outside of Logan. The member will coordinate and implement community environmental education events at Camp and at area schools and will assist with environmental education for residential campers, as well. The member will focus on youth education but will also have the opportunity to engage adults in conservation work.

Stuart’s Opera House Civic Tourism AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

The member is responsible for building the capacity of Stuart’s Opera House by promoting the space to groups, businesses, and community members. The member will assist Stuart’s Opera House staff in developing and promoting events, programs, and activities in the new Stuart’s Opera House Education and Community Center.

Edge of Appalachia AmeriCorps

These members (2) will serve at the Edge of Appalachia Preserve System in Adams County, west of Shawnee State Forest and right on the pristine Ohio Brush Creek. Members will serve alongside Cincinnati Museum Center’s Chief Naturalist as educators for the preserve’s environmental education program, summer youth programs, educator workshops and public nature programs. Members will also serve alongside The Nature Conservancy staff conducting stewardship activities focused on non-native invasive species (NNIS), habitat restoration, and trail maintenance. There is nearby affordable housing for rent with this position!

Dawes Arboretum AmeriCorps

These members (2) will serve at Dawes Arboretum in Newark, Ohio. The members will be responsible for propagation and maintenance of native plants, supporting native pollinators, mitigating invasive species, volunteer recruitment and management, and outreach and education.

Rural Action Zero Waste (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

This position will focus on assessing waste streams and engaging communities to address the needs and help to implement infrastructure solutions. Outreach, education, recruitment, and organization of volunteer cleanups and events are included in the responsibility of members. The member will also serve on the Zero Waste Pledge program to support businesses in minimizing their waste stream and diverting the remainder from the landfill. his member will also be the point person for all dumpsite cleanups and local, small-scale zero-waste events and event waste minimization.

Rural Action Environmental Education AmeriCorps

In addition to working on long- term sustainability through stewardship education and engagement of youth, members may also plan large EE events such as conferences and the Birds in the Hills Festival. Providing environmental education activities for watershed residents, both youth and adults, activities will include school-based and after school activities, presentations at libraries, community groups, and other venues and one-day educational events at schools, festivals, and other locations. Environmental training for teachers in local school systems will also be provided using such programs as Project Learning Tree, Project Wild, and Project Wet workshops. Volunteer recruitment and coordination are included in the responsibilities. Some projects will focus on Wayne National Forest territory and the member will serve alongside WNF staff.

Muskingum Valley Parks District AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

The member will be serving out of the Muskingum Valley Park District office located at 1720 Euclid Ave, Zanesville, Ohio 43701. The main activities will include implementing environmental education programs, invasive species control, water quality testing, social media presence and spreading park awareness in the community.

Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

This member with Sustainable Agriculture will serve out of the Kuhre Center in The Plains, OH. Duties include the development of tourism opportunities around the Chesterhill Produce Auction, assisting with educational opportunities at the CPA (including the garden), and volunteer recruitment and management.

Rural Action Sustainable Forestry Outreach and Education AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

The Forestry Outreach and Education member will plan and implement landowner and other educational activities in communities within the target region. This includes planning, facilitating, and evaluating landowner education workshops and events designed to provide local landowners and others interested with skills to manage their forested lands. The member will provide education around non-timber forest products as a way to increase income from managed lands for the target region.

ORCA Public Lands Access AmeriCorps (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

This member will serve out of Athens County, Ohio, to promote the recreational use and conservation of public lands such as the Bailey’s Trail System (Chauncey). The member will work closely with staff and AmeriCorps at Wayne National Forest, the Buckeye Trail Association, and Rural Action.

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AORC General Qualifications

All AmeriCorps members need the following skills:

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral
  • Computer skills including database management
  • Experience recruiting and working with volunteers
  • A high School Diploma or GED and interest in watershed restoration, environmental education; or equivalent experience in the equivalent field of study
  • Public speaking and the ability to work with diverse groups of people
  • Ability to work both independently and in a team setting
  • Ability to serve flexible hours including evenings and weekends if needed
  • Some positions require the ability to hike extended distances over rough terrain and the ability to carry up to 40 lb. of equipment
  • Reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license
  • General knowledge of Appalachian Ohio culture is desired

All Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps AmeriCorps members will perform the following activities:

  • Attend required training sessions for skill development throughout the service term
  • Complete and submit all required documentation including monthly reports, timesheets, etc.
  • Recruit, train and coordinate volunteers, volunteer projects and programs
  • Attend all meetings as required
  • All other duties as assigned

Each position or community site has specific member position descriptions available on request.

The availability of Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps AmeriCorps positions is dependent on grant funding. Positions are subject to change.

Commitments and Benefits

Rural Action AORC AmeriCorps members serve a term of 12 months, accumulating a total of 1,700 hours of service during that time period. The positions also allow outside employment or attendance at an institution of higher learning while serving. Benefits for the position include:

  • An annual living allowance of $16,000, in accordance with the national Rescue Plan increase
  • An education award of $6,345 for a completed term of service to be used to pay student loans or for future education
  • Health care coverage for members
  • Child care (if income eligible)
  • Mileage, training, and equipment budget totaling $1,400

AmeriCorps VISTA

Volunteers in Service to America (VISTAs) have been alleviating poverty and building capacity in communities of need for more than 50 years. When you serve a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA with Rural Action, you add to VISTA’s legacy of strengthening communities and creating opportunities that lift individuals out of poverty in Appalachian Ohio.

Rural Action supports 10 AmeriCorps VISTA members on our National Service team. VISTAs earn an education award of $6,345, an annual living allowance of $15,002, and non-competitive status in Federal job applications for a full year after service. VISTAs will serve full time for one year. Start dates take place on national Virtual Member Orientation dates, about 2 per month. Placements include:

Rural Action Farm to School VISTA (Athens County)

  • Increasing local school and institution access to fresh, quality, and local foods

Rural Action Community Resources Support VISTA (Athens County)

  • Assisting with non-profit and social enterprise creation, expansion, and branding, with a specific focus on the agriculture and natural resources sectors. This VISTA will support beginning farmers and ranchers in order to build a more robust sustainable local food system.

Rural Action Sustainable Energy Solutions VISTA (Athens County) (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

  • Aiding in the growth of transitioning the former Southeastern Ohio region from a coal-based economy to the advanced and growing industry of sustainable energy

Perry County Food Network VISTA (Athens County office, Perry County focus) (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

  • Bringing the best practices and successful models of sustainable agriculture in Athens and Morgan Counties to the Perry County Farm Market and partner organizations/cooperatives

City of Athens Economic and Agency Support VISTA (Athens County)

  • Helping the City of Athens, Athens County, and Morgan County expand and improve their sustainability plans, with an eye to waste assets, energy, food, and fiscal sustainability, by building off of the knowledge from the Athens Hocking Solid Waste District (which began as SORT, the Southeastern Ohio Recycling Terminal)

Rural Action Volunteer and Communications Support VISTA (Athens County)

  • Building standard operating procedures for volunteer and community member engagement, supervised and supported by the Rural Action Communications team

UCM: Center for Spiritual Growth and Social Justice VISTA (Athens County)

  • Supporting the Athens student population and wider county in service that will address food security for low-income and improperly-housed Appalachian Ohioans, provide support and resource connection for refugee families, and expand opportunities to learn about racial, environmental, and social justice movements in Southeast Ohio

Rural Action Tuscarawas County Community Networks VISTA (Tuscarawas County) (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

  • Building the foundation for service that improves the social determinants of health for rural populations in Ulrichsville and Tuscarawas County, including employment training and a new internship program for youth

Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Council Energy and Economy VISTA (Athens County) (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

  • Increasing residents’ access to education around sustainable energy choices and how to further conservation with their household choices, building awareness of programs that promote sustainable and affordable household energy choices, and offering support to host energy learning days for up to three K-12 schools in the Appalachian Ohio region.

Rural Action Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative (Athens County) (FILLED FOR 2021-22)

  • Assisting in developing a network of regional and national stakeholders working on staple foods, integrating staple crops as a larger part of sustainable agriculture work at Rural Action, and increasing access to and use of sustainable staple crops by local individuals, including low-income residents


For now, you can apply for open Rural Action VISTA positions by emailing or filling out this survey (which also asks for your interest in Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps).


AmeriCorps VISTA

  • Capacity building (grant writing, infrastructure) in organizations that alleviate poverty
  • Full time, 40 hours a week, maintain host site operational hours
  • 10 sick and 10 personal days, on top of host site days off
  • Living allowance (stipend): $15,002 in accordance with the national Rescue Plan increase
  • Segal Education award for federal student loans or education expenses: $6,345
  • Optional cash award in lieu of education award: $1,800.
  • Healthcare provided
  • Mileage reimbursement for service-related travel
  • Training and equipment budget
  • One year after service of non-competitive status when applying for Federal jobs
  • Eligible for SNAP (living allowance does not count as additional income if already receiving benefits)
  • 10 VISTA members in Athens and Hocking counties

The VISTA living allowance is less than that of AmeriCorps State/National. This is designed to immerse VISTA members deeply in their communities and create camaraderie with friends and neighbors in the same situation. The VISTA living allowance does not count as income on the FAFSA if it is your only income. VISTA members get “days off” that align with the calendar of their host sites. Finally, VISTAs who are currently receiving SNAP benefits when they are selected will not have to count their living allowance as income for SNAP purposes (the living allowance does count as income if you apply for SNAP after starting VISTA).