AmeriCorps at Rural Action

AmeriCorps State/National (Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps)

  • Direct services
  • 1,700 hours in 12 months
  • Living allowance $14,279
  • Segal Education award for federal student loans or education expenses: $6,195 (no cash award option)
  • Healthcare provided
  • Limited mileage, training, equipment budgets for service-related expenses
  • Eligible for SNAP
  • 31 members in Appalachian Ohio

AmeriCorps Vista

  • Capacity building (grant writing, infrastructure) in organizations that alleviate poverty
  • Full time, 40 hours a week, maintain host site operational hours
  • Living allowance (stipend): $12,311
  • Segal Education award for federal student loans or education expenses: $6,195
  • Optional cash award in lieu of education award: $1,800.
  • Healthcare provided
  • Mileage reimbursement for service-related travel
  • One year of non-competitive status for Federal jobs
  • Eligible for SNAP if already receiving benefits
  • 5 VISTA members in Athens and Hocking counties
  • We will also begin recruiting in the spring for 10-week Summer VISTA positions on our Sustainable Agriculture team. These positions start in June.

How to Apply

  1. Learn about the differences between Rural Action’s VISTA and AORC opportunities.
  2. Select 2 references, get their best contact information, and warn them that an email or phone call is coming!
  3. Decide which stream of service you are interested in. Is it AmeriCorps VISTA, Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps (AmeriCorps State/National), both AORC and VISTA, or the Summer VISTA program?
    • Rural Action AmeriCorps VISTA runs 40 hours per week from August 17th, 2020 to August 17th, 2021
    • Rural Action AmeriCorps State/National program, Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps, runs from August 17th, 2020 to August 17th, 2021 and requires 1700 hours of service
    • Rural Action Summer VISTA positions start in June and run for 10 weeks.
  4. Wait until February 1st (for Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps) or February 15th (for AmeriCorps VISTA positions). That’s when we’ll have new listings up! Keep checking back if you don’t see them right away.
  5. Head to
  6. Build a profile and insert your references’ contact information
  7. Search Listings for “Rural Action”
  8. Choose each position that interests you.
    • The Summer VISTA and 5 fulltime VISTA positions each have their own listing.
    • Summer VISTA position listings may take longer to open, so keep checking back and searching “Rural Action”
    • Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps has just one listing, and we ask you for your host site interests later. Read position descriptions for open AORC positions.
  9. Apply! Note that you can make up to 3 different applications in Our programs are pretty competitive, and tailoring your application to the program can give you an edge.
  10. Wait for follow-up requests through email (so be sure to list a current, accessible email on your application)
    • For example, with AORC, we’ll require you to send a resume and select the host sites you are interested in.

We plan to fill all positions by the end of June. If it’s getting close to that date, you can also start by filling out this survey. You have to answer the same questions either way, but we can get your application in front of the Host Site Supervisors and then walk you through the official application.

Please Read These Documents Before Applying


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AmeriCorps Program Director Shannon Stewart

Rural Action and Ohio Stream Restore Corps host sites do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, orientation, disability, or political affiliation.

All positions are pending approval of AmeriCorps funding.

THANK YOU for your passion to Go Where You’re Needed and Get Things Done in Appalachian Ohio!