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WSU Bread Lab Breeding Wheat for Regional Farmers

By Kayla Bennett

The Washington State University (WSU) Breadlab team wants to bring more affordable, great tasting bread to the world one loaf at a time.

The ... Read More

Chestnut & Corn Tortillas

by Michelle Ajamian

A highlight of the Chestnut Harvest weekend in early October at the Route 9 Chestnut Cooperative was making tortillas over the campfire with ... Read More

ASFC Update: Route 9 Chestnut Cooperative Exceeds 100,000 Pound Harvest

by Michelle Ajamian

In early October, I joined about 60 friends and acquaintances at the Route 9 Chestnut Coop, located near Carrollton, Ohio, here in the ... Read More

Office of Climate Change & Health Equity Budget Approved

By Kwase Lane

President Biden’s request for $3 million to fund the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity has been approved. With John Balbus as ... Read More

Tuscarora White Corn Harvest

By Michelle Ajamian

Back in the early 1700s, the Tuscarora Nation brought their white corn seed north from the Carolinas to join the Iroquois Confederacy. ... Read More

Rural America Faces a Unique Credit Struggle

By Kwase Lane

Rural areas of America are overlooked in myriad ways, and gaps in financial services are one of the most pressing. A report from ... Read More

The Bounty of a Fall Harvest

By Kayla Bennett

Autumn is the season that many grains, beans and nuts are harvested across the Northern Hemisphere, and for many, a time to gather ... Read More

New Guide Helps Food-Grade Grain Farmers & Processors

by Elena Byrne

The Artisan Grain Collaborative (AGC) and the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems (CAFS) at Vermont Law School are pleased to share a ... Read More

ASFC Update: Neighbor Loaves (& Meals)

This month, Shagbark Seed & Mill donated nearly 500 pounds of organic heirloom polenta to food access programs! Combined with your ongoing purchases from Village ... Read More

ASFC Update: Millers Peer Group

With nearly 50 millers from around the US, the Millers Peer Learning Group skipped our September meeting and decided to move to gathering every other ... Read More

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