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BIPOC Leadership Team Conducts COVID Equity Report

by Eleanor Reagan

Washington State University (WSU) Food Systems Program was commissioned by the Washington State Department of Agriculture in August of 2021 to identify ... Read More

Malik Yakini Forging Black Food Sovereignty in Detroit

By Kwase Lane

DETROIT, Michigan — I met with Malik Yakini, co-founder and Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network (DBCFSN) at ... Read More

ASFC’s North American Staple Network (NASN) Updates

Our network of food system leaders meets quarterly to work together to advance staple crops across North American regions. Here are some annual updates ... Read More

Millers Peer Group Members Reflect on the Year

By Kayla Bennett

As we look back on 2021 with a few of the members from ASFC’s Millers Peer Learning Group, we learned that many mills ... Read More

ASFC Update: Millers Tackle Mill Safety and Pricing

After meeting for nearly a year, members of The Millers Peer Learning Community of Practice (CoP) have decided to move to meeting around topics members ... Read More

ASFC Update: Neighbor Loaves (& Meals) Sets Holiday Goals

With nearly 1,100 loaves of whole grain bread, vegetarian chili and black bean burgers sold that were then donated to food access this year, we ... Read More

WSU Bread Lab Breeding Wheat for Regional Farmers

By Kayla Bennett

The Washington State University (WSU) Breadlab team wants to bring more affordable, great tasting bread to the world one loaf at a time.

The ... Read More

Chestnut & Corn Tortillas

by Michelle Ajamian

A highlight of the Chestnut Harvest weekend in early October at the Route 9 Chestnut Cooperative was making tortillas over the campfire with ... Read More

ASFC Update: Route 9 Chestnut Cooperative Exceeds 100,000 Pound Harvest

by Michelle Ajamian

In early October, I joined about 60 friends and acquaintances at the Route 9 Chestnut Coop, located near Carrollton, Ohio, here in the ... Read More

Office of Climate Change & Health Equity Budget Approved

By Kwase Lane

President Biden’s request for $3 million to fund the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity has been approved. With John Balbus as ... Read More

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