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Agroforestry promises climate solutions

By Kiah Easton

What is agroforestry, and why is it important? When described by the USDA, “Agroforestry is the intentional integration of trees and shrubs ... Read More

ASFC Policy Brief: USDA calls for comments about resilient supply chains

By Michelle Ajamian

Last month, we realized that the USDA’s call comments on President Biden’s executive order to develop resilient food supply chains was a ... Read More

Rural Action

Tour Features New Culinary Chestnut Orchards in Athens County

New Marshfield, OH – At 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 5, Southern Ohio Chestnut Company, Sugarbush Valley Farm and Woodcock Nature Preserve will be hosting ... Read More

Businesses Make it Easy to Share a Meal with a Neighbor in Need

Athens, OH — More than 1,400 loaves of spelt bread and more than 200 meals have been donated to local residents in need – not ... Read More

Rural Action

Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance’s heritage grain trials


A grain revival is underway in the Southwest, and The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance’s Heritage Grain Trials Program is offering over 250 varieties of grain ... Read More

ASFC Updates


Neighbor Loaves (& Meals)

As spring began, our work at the Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative took to connecting several new local businesses to our Neighbor Loaves ... Read More

Rural Action

Policy Briefs

Update: Biden’s infrastructure proposals

by Rhyann Green

On March 31, President Biden proposed The American Jobs Plan. The bill outlines $2.25 trillion dollars to be devoted ... Read More

Primary Beans

by Lily Roby

Revitalizing the use of local beans in home cooking— that’s what Primary Beans is all about. Currently based in California’s Bay Area, with ... Read More

Profile: Gary Paul Nabhan

by Kiah Easton

While Gary Nabhan’s website describes him as a pioneer in the local food and heirloom seed saving movement, the statement barely encompasses the ... Read More

Borderlands reveal Indigenous food legacies

by Gary Paul Nabhan

What most North Americans know of the deserts along the U.S./Mexico border is that there are zones of conflict between clashing cultures: ... Read More

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