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Introducing The Hopewell Quarterly’s Third Issue

By Michelle Ajamian

On this eve of the Summer Solstice, Juneteenth and Fathers’ Day, I learned that the House has overwhelmingly passed a bill to ... Read More

ASFC UPDATE: Millers Peer Learning Group

By Michelle Ajamian

ASFC’s Millers Peer Learning Group’s monthly meet ups have been enriched by short video tours of member mills and discussions about operations. ... Read More

Neighbor Loaves (& Meals) Update

It’s been nearly a year since the Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative launched our version of Neighbor Loaves to include restaurant meals and other prepared foods ... Read More

SOPEC expands solar energy assessments

By Rhyann Green

On Earth Day 2021, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it will award a $100,000 grant to the Sustainable Ohio Public Energy ... Read More

Field day draws 60 to learn about chestnuts

By Badger Johnson

This spring began a partnership between the Southern Ohio Chestnut Company (SOCC) and Sugarbush Valley Farm (SVF), where we installed a new chestnut ... Read More

Asheville Nuttery launches online store

by Justin Holt

Here at the Asheville Nuttery, we’ve been continuing to work on cracking the nut of native tree staple crops and are now offering ... Read More

Agroforestry promises climate solutions

By Kiah Easton

What is agroforestry, and why is it important? When described by the USDA, “Agroforestry is the intentional integration of trees and shrubs ... Read More

ASFC Policy Brief: USDA calls for comments about resilient supply chains

By Michelle Ajamian

Last month, we realized that the USDA’s call comments on President Biden’s executive order to develop resilient food supply chains was a ... Read More

Rural Action

Tour Features New Culinary Chestnut Orchards in Athens County

New Marshfield, OH – At 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 5, Southern Ohio Chestnut Company, Sugarbush Valley Farm and Woodcock Nature Preserve will be hosting ... Read More

Businesses Make it Easy to Share a Meal with a Neighbor in Need

Athens, OH — More than 1,400 loaves of spelt bread and more than 200 meals have been donated to local residents in need – not ... Read More

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