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A group of hikers sit and write by the creek

Writing in the Woods with Appalachian Understories

At the Nature Writing Workshop hosted by Appalachian Understories, participants were able to explore their creativity while strolling along the two mile John Knouse path ... Read More

Rural Action

Jilly Anderson is Multimedia Manager

Jilly Anderson joined Rural Action as the Multimedia Manager. Jilly came to Rural Action as an AmeriCorps VISTA member in January 2022 before transitioning into ... Read More

Tourism Entrepreneurs Rise to the Trail Town Challenge


From rental cabins and glamping to adventure tours, the Trail Town Business Challenge helped area entrepreneurs fine-tune their ideas during five workshops that assisted them ... Read More

Land Bank Uses Zero Waste Tactics to Fight Blight

Communities often use land banks as a means of dealing with abandoned property, removing blight and improving local communities, but few focus on zero waste ... Read More

National Service Expansion to Address Climate Crisis


Rural Action’s National Service program is growing.

The passion and hard work of our national service members have been instrumental in restoring 74 miles of previously ... Read More

Pauline Phillips is Makerspace Manager

Pauline Phillips joined Rural Action as the Community Makerspace Manager in 2022. Prior to joining as the manager, Pauline worked at the Makerspace’s partner business, ... Read More

Banner logo image for 2021 annual report

Laying the Groundwork for the Next 30 Years

Rural Action celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2021, an event that prompted several longtime staff and alumni to reflect on the impact the organization has ... Read More

Banner logo image for 2021 annual report

Fighting Pollution with Innovation

Why is it taking so long?

That’s a question Michelle Shively MacIver fielded from a potential investor in True Pigments, a social enterprise of Rural Action ... Read More

Banner logo image for 2021 annual report

Scope of Work Expanding with H2Ohio

Rural Action’s Watershed program spent 2021 preparing for a major expansion in its work with a project to restore wetlands in the Western Lake Erie ... Read More

Banner logo image for 2021 annual report

Helping Forest Farmers Harvest Success

Is it really possible to quit your day job to become a full-time forest farmer?

Meet Rick Felumlee, who went from searching the internet for information ... Read More

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