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Field Notes: February Joy

By Joe Brehm, Chief Program Officer

When I asked participants at a recent animal tracking workshop hosted by Appalachian Understories what they really wanted to see ... Read More

Volunteering, NestWatch, and Thoughts of Spring

By Dan Vorisek, Environmental Education Director

On a day that brought the first wind and snow of the season to Athens, a group of Rural Action ... Read More

people hiking in the woods

EE Takes it to the Edge

By Amy Nicolai, AmeriCorps AORC Member

The Rural Action Environmental Education team (plus Trevor from Camp Oty’Okwa) road-tripped to the Edge of Appalachia’s Eulett Center for ... Read More

Exploring the heritage of our region

Written by Amy Nicolai, AmeriCorps Member

On the chilly (but very sunny) morning of Nov. 22, Rural Action’s Environmental Education team visited two local spots to ... Read More

Appalachian Educators Explore New Ways to Connect Nature to the Classroom

The pristine autumn fall colors and Burr Oak Lake served as the backdrop for the Appalachian Green Teachers Conference, held in late October each year ... Read More

Kylee takes a photo on her phone using the iNaturalist app

Four Thousand Species Identified in Local Bioblitz

Imagine a summer morning: a cool breeze, warm sunlight on your skin. You are walking through the forest, in silent awe at the massiveness of ... Read More

Banner logo image for 2021 annual report

Creating the Next Generation of Appalachian Leaders

“Wow! That’s a great idea.”

It’s a phrase Rural Action Environmental Education Director Joe Brehm utters often. In this instance, he was responding to a co-worker’s ... Read More

High School Internships Boost Businesses, Students

A high school internship “gives you a taste of what you think you might like without the long-term commitment of a school or a job,” ... Read More

Prothonotary Warbler

Field Notes: Beauty in Prothonotary Form

By Joe Brehm, Environmental Education Director

As we tiptoed along the overgrown trail at Greendale Wetland, one male prothonotary warbler sang its rich, direct song. One ... Read More

Grieving? Seek Solace in Nature

Research shows that spending time in nature has a profound and calming effect on our bodies and minds. OhioHealth and Rural Action are planning three ... Read More

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