Rural Action’s Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps (AORC) program trains 70+ people a year in fields related to sustainable economic growth and ecological stewardship. The summer cohorts are a newer program option, which give people an opportunity to get the critical job training and experience of a professional internship without having to sign up for a whole service year. One of these cohorts, the conservation cohort, will be focused on implementing conservation practices, in partnership with local land stewards.

Projects we are interested in tackling might include but are not limited to the following practices:
Alley Cropping
Silvopasture Implementation
Forest Stand Improvement
Tree Planting and Maintenance
Forest Farming
Tree Site Preparation
Invasive species control
Trail maintenance and improvement
Waterway clean up/plastic removal

Participants receive the training needed to enact land management and conservation interventions in the area. This means serving you, our members, and our nonprofit partners in land conservation. If you have a land management plan through Rural Action that includes one of these or related interventions, you qualify to benefit from our team.

Contact us to set a date and we will provide the labor required to maintain tree plantings, clear trails, manage invasives, plant seedlings, take water and soil samples and help out in a variety of ways as called for in your management plan or approved agroforestry project. We also have a growing list of tools and equipment available for rental through the Rural Action Sustainable Forestry team and Makerspace, which my team will be trained to safely use.

If you are interested or would like to know more, Please don’t hesitate to email or