Winter is a great time to stay home, try one of the recipes on Chesterhill Produce Auction’s blog, and listen to a new podcast!

Our staff fill their days listening and learning about agriculture, Appalachia, and arbor (as well as so much more) – and want to share their favorite shows to listen to on a cold winter day.

Here’s five of our favorite podcasts that we would totally listen to over and over and over again:

5. How To Save A Planet – A Gimlet Production

How To Save A Planet with Alex Bloomberg is all about figuring out “what we need to do to address climate change, and how to make those things happen.” With hour-long, incredibly easy to listen to episodes, Alex Bloomberg (and in the older episodes, Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson) tackle everything climate related from the prospect of using deep sea mining as a way to help our transition to clean energy, to understanding the Blue New Deal. You can listen to the podcast on Spotify, or here.

Our favorite episodes:

The Witch of the Wind

The Fight to Stop Oil Pipelines: “For Water. For Treaties. For Climate.”

The Unexpected Idea to Get Coal off the Grid

Earthlings, we have work to do!

4. Invisible Ground

Athens local historian and producer Brian Koscho focuses on connecting the present with the past in this interesting (and sometimes interactive) podcast. Invisible Ground delves into those unknown stories that are set on the same bricks Athens visitors and residents walk every day. From the rich history of communities of color in Athens like the Berrys and the Berry Hotel, to the stories within our local cemetery gates, Koscho reminds us that there is so much to learn in our own backyards. You can listen to Invisible Ground wherever you listen to podcasts, or here.

Our favorite episodes:

Little Cities of Black Diamonds

Mound Cemetery


3. Completely Arbortrary

Tree fanatics – this one’s for you. Hear the hosts Casey Clapp and Alex Crowson as they educate, discuss, and debate some of your favorite arbor delights. Each podcast is paired with tons of other material to read and explore, to make sure you know all there is to know about one of our most beloved creations. From everything to the Japanese Umbrella-Pine to the PawPaw tree native to Appalachia, there is an episode waiting for you! You can listen wherever you find your podcasts, or here.

Our favorite episodes:

Please Send Us PawPaws

The Lord of the Tree Rings trilogy

You Can Grow Your Own Way (Southern Catalpa)

2. The Poor Proles Almanac

The team at the Poor Proles Almanac describe their podcast focus is to “make ecology and agriculture accessible, replicable locally, and to highlight examples of resilience in history & people actively developing those systems in real time.” With episodes ranging from twenty minute bits to hour-long in depth conversations tackling topics like the history of corn, the 2020 Farm Bill, multi species grazing, and more. You can listen to The Poor Proles Almanac anywhere you get your podcasts or here!

Our favorite episodes:

Root to Seed Podcast

The crew at the Appalachian Accessible Food Network (ACENet) take their mission to the microphone with their food justice centered podcast. Hear from farmers, producers, those on the frontlines of the fight for food justice in Southeastern Ohio, and more in these easy to listen to episodes. Episode length ranges from 30 minutes to one hour, and is available here.

Our favorite episodes:

The Annie Warmke Story

The Veggie Van Story

Our History With Food Justice