Amber Peck, the owner of Peck’s Farm in Waterford, Ohio, humanely raises pastured broiler chickens and heritage turkeys. A recently funded Kiva Loan will help the farm purchase a gravity wagon, which will allow them to move away from buying pre-packaged feed. The hopper-style wagon will hold feed and use gravity to make the unloading process easier.

“It eliminates the trash and provides an opportunity to watch our bottom line expenses and do something better for the environment,” Peck said.

Rural Action-endorsed Kiva loans are an option for businesses that may not be ready to go to a bank for a traditional loan. The crowd-invested funds are paid back with 0% interest. Fundraising for Peck’s $7,500 loan began on May 24, and it was fully funded within only 20 days, once again showing the incredible support this community provides for local businesses and sustainable agriculture.

The birds on Peck’s Farm also have access to grass and exercise by moving around the pastures. Peck shared that raising poultry in pastures provides a more natural life for the birds and also results in better tasting meat.

The heritage turkeys on Peck’s Farm retain characteristics that were more common in turkeys prior to the 1950s. They bear more resemblance to wild turkeys and take longer to grow out than broad breasted turkeys. Peck’s favorite breed on the farm is the Narragansett Turkey.

“They’re beautiful and interact with you more than some of the others,” she said.

Peck became familiar with Rural Action through the Chesterhill Produce Auction, a social enterprise of Rural Action, and has attended other RA programs including the recent pasture walk at Shew Family Farm.

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