According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces about 5 pounds of trash a day. However, being aware of how much waste we produce is only the first step towards cutting back on waste production. Things get even more complicated when trying to find a solution to cut back the waste generated by larger enterprises. That’s why Rural Action’s Zero Waste team has a Zero Waste Pledge Program.

Taking the Zero Waste Pledge shows that an establishment—be it a business, a school, or an organization—is committed to using natural resources wisely, increasing its environmental consciousness, and supporting the local economy through improvement in waste reduction, reusing, recycling, and composting.

Rural Action’s Zero Waste Program built the pledge program in order to help businesses and organizations identify excess waste production and offer ways to reduce it. We do this by conducting a thorough waste audit and going through improvement options that best fit your business and its needs.

The Zero Waste Pledge may sound daunting, but many organizations and businesses like Village Bakery and Eclipse Company Store have already taken the initiative and have made the pledge. Making the pledge doesn’t mean a business or organization has to truly produce zero waste; What it does mean is an establishment wants and is committed to taking the proper steps to properly dispose and reduce waste.

Our Zero Waste team is always looking to help businesses or organizations that want to make the pledge. We want to extend our search for pledges to everyone who reads the Rural Rambler. If you have a favorite business or organization you think would embrace zero waste, let us know!

This article was written by Emerson Presar, a Rural Action Zero Waste Americorps member.

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