Sarah Griesmyer, owner of Meyers Specialty Market

Sarah Griesmyer, owner of Meyers Specialty Market

Sarah Griesmyer, owner of Meyers Specialty Market in McConnelsville, had a Facebook page for her business, but she wanted a platform she had more control over and where she could sell goods.

Rural Action Resilient Communities intern Mary Popa came to the rescue, working with Sarah to design a website for the business on the WIX platform.

This customized technical assistance was provided by Rural Action to give small business owners more autonomy and the confidence to manage their own websites as an alternative to the typically more costly option of hiring a professional marketing agency. The added benefits also include the ability to expand into online commerce and reduced reliance on social media platforms for sales.

Sarah has owned Meyers Specialty Market since July 2019 and has always been an entrepreneur at heart, whether it be helping friends with catering or running her own home business.

Despite setbacks from the pandemic, Sarah continued to make progress with the expansion of the store. Her plans took a different route than expected but she felt the slower pace worked in her favor and allowed for more time to make intentional decisions for her business. The eatery and bakery are now up and running with plans to add more menu items in the future. Sarah looks forward to growing her business and hiring dedicated staff.

Meyers Specialty had a soft opening of their eatery and bakery expansion on April 6. The market has six employees and boasts a variety of bulk foods, homemade baked goods, specialty breads, a meat and cheese deli, to-go lunches, and seasonal menu options.

Check out the new website, and if you’re in McConnelsville, swing by Meyers Specialty Market at 83 E Main Street.

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