Looking for a volunteer opportunity that will earn you a 40% discount on merchandise and first dibs on the coolest stuff?

Lend a hand at UpCycle Ohio Thrift Store! You’ll get that discount on days you work, not to mention an opportunity to sort through the donations before they go on sale to the general public.

“Imagine a thrifting gold mine where you get to be the first person to uncover the treasures,” Thrift Manager Sadie Meade says. “We have a lot of fun at work. We’re just a bunch of hams and it’s enjoyable to be around each other.”

Volunteers range in age from 13 to 70, and there are several mother-daughter duos among their ranks. There is no minimum number of hours (though typical shifts are 3 hours), and people of all abilities can participate since there are a variety of tasks that need to be done, ranging from sitting in a chair sorting merchandise to moving boxes around to helping customers.

In addition to the discount and first choice of merchandise, there are several other benefits to volunteering:

  • You’re helping UpCycle Ohio’s efforts to create a zero waste economy.
  • If you volunteer for 3 hours, you get a Rural Action membership.
  • In some cases, volunteers end up with jobs at the thrift.
  • There are work-study opportunities for students

If you’re interested in volunteering, send a note to Sadie or stop by the Thrift at 751 West Union Street in Athens to learn more.

Email Sadie

Why I Volunteer …

I love volunteering at the Rural Action Upcycle Thrift Store. Staff really appreciate what volunteers do and they treat you like family. Sadie gives clear instructions so you know what to do, plus she’s all kinds of fun. The goal of nothing in the landfill appeals to me – everything that can’t be sold but can be recycled is recycled. And the volunteer discount is awesome!
– Sarah Mitchell

I feel oddly productive as I organize other people’s stuff. It’s easy to sort other people’s things when I have no emotional attachment!
– Jenny Byers

I am scheduled to volunteer for a couple of hours but many times find myself volunteering all day. Sadie taps into everyone’s strengths and that helps with the store being efficient and organized.
– Lori Hibbard

Sadie is so on top of the things that we volunteers don’t have to worry about, and she’s very open to our ideas and suggestions. Pauline, too, is so capable and fun to work with. There’s such a great vibe at the store; I enjoy every minute!
– Jenny Nelson