For Immediate Release

New Marshfield, OH – At 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 5, Southern Ohio Chestnut Company, Sugarbush Valley Farm and Woodcock Nature Preserve will be hosting a tour of their new chestnut projects, co-sponsored by Rural Action’s Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative.

At Sugarbush Valley, 11 acres of recently harvested stands of white pine have been transitioned to a staple food chestnut orchard. In addition to the culinary nut stand, we will discuss a timber hybrid chestnut planting, a black locust fence post planting, large scale drip irrigation system, and a pond water treatment plant that runs off of Third Sun solar panels. The planting and maintenance methods, tree care and nut markets will be discussed. Dinner will be catered by the Burrito Buggy.

The first part of the tour will be at 5 p.m.-6:30 p.m. at 6675 Baker Road. After this part of the tour is over, the public is invited to move down the road for refreshments at Southern Ohio Chestnut Company’s first farm installation, at the Woodcock Nature Preserve. There we will tour of the grounds to view the 20 acre chestnut orchard inter-planted with 550 paw paw. The location of the Woodcock Nature Preserve’s “visitor parking” is – 39.290205, -82.221984.

Interested parties are encouraged to RSVP for the event.