By Kayla Bennett

Autumn is the season that many grains, beans and nuts are harvested across the Northern Hemisphere, and for many, a time to gather with those dear to you. Here at the Staple Pulse, I have been educating myself about what staple crop harvests mean to better understand how I can contribute through our newsletter and regional publications.

This is my second issue as The Staple Pulse Editor, and already, I have already had a story published about our work in The Post, Ohio University’s weekly newspaper where I work.

Then, Michelle Ajamian connected me with Edible Columbus where I’ve been invited to sumit an article and photos and I am about to write a feature story about our Neighbor Loaves & Meals project. Michelle learned about the concept from the program launched by one of our national partners, The Artisan Grain Collaborative as a way to support farmers and bakeries impacted by the pandemic back in March of 2020. Simply put, the project gives customers a way to support local staple crop farmers, local bakeries and restaurants, and local food access programs. Learn more HERE.

I look forward to sharing the story of ASFC and all the great initiatives in the Athens food scene through news outlets all over our region.

I hope you enjoy this issue Staple Pulse. Tell us what you think and reach out to me if you have a story to contribute about your work for a future newsletter! Email me HERE!