Dave Flis of StewMac

StewMac in Athens is the latest business to take Rural Action’s Zero Waste Pledge.

StewMac is a one-stop shop that features tools and ideas for guitar making. It employs local residents and ships products internationally. Rural Action’s Zero Waste Program worked with building Maintenance Supervisor Dave Flis (pictured) to conduct a waste audit of StuMac’s main location and sawmill to move toward a zero waste facility. StewMac has set three goals to tackle during the next year:

  1. Providing an educational pamphlet for employees
  2. Co-locating waste receptacles and adding compost buckets to restrooms
  3. Removing single-use items from break rooms

In addition to these short-term goals, their long-term goals are to compost their sawdust and look into eco-friendly packaging. In the short time we’ve worked with them, they have already implemented some of their goals!

Is your business or organization interested in taking the Zero Waste Pledge?

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