A grain revival is underway in the Southwest, and The Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance’s Heritage Grain Trials Program is offering over 250 varieties of grain and alternative grains to the farmers, gardeners, bakers, chefs, millers and consumers involved in restoring heritage and ancient grains into their foodsheds. The project is in its sixth year.

In the Southwest, collectives like Rio Grande Grain in Northern New Mexico are bringing together farmers, gardeners and home bakers to test grains in the field and kitchen.

Once alive with over 300 small mills, Northern New Mexico was a flourishing wheat region, and the Rio Grande Grain Team is rekindling this flame. The group has field trialed over 60 varieties of grains from the RMSA collection and is now growing seed stock of their top field performers and kitchen favorites to share in the greater region. The spirit of this cooperative reflects the essence of the grains they steward- that of a deep reverence for the past, a keen eye to the future and an enjoyment together in the present.

Climate-beneficial foods and practices are critical now and for future generations. With another year of drought in the forecast for the Southwest, our fields and bellies should be attuned to crops that are ecologically adapted to our foodsheds and bio-regions, and aligned with the capacity of our local resources. Heritage and ancient grains are an essential ingredient, with their high nutritional values and thousands of years of adaptations.

To ignite your own grain revival, join the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance’s Heritage Grain Trials Program and gain access to over 250 varieties of grains and alternative grains.

Want to know more before or as you grow?

Join us at Grain School (www.rockymountainseeds.org) this Fall where the Rio Grande Grain Team and others will demonstrate why ancient and heritage grains are not just relics of the past, but rather keys to the future.