Still looking for a New Year’s resolution? Maybe this is the year to go solar.

Several years ago, Rural Action Environmental Education Director Joe Brehm resolved to go solar while discussing ways we can mitigate climate change with members of the Youth Climate Action Team (YCAT), a youth-led coalition focused on climate justice.

“We talked about the many personal choices we can make to positively influence the problem of climate change, and getting rooftop solar was one of those choices I aspired to make,” Joe says. “It feels good to know I made good on that commitment to the students, who want so badly to see action taken to address climate change. It’s a problem they will be dealing with for their entire lives, and by going solar I know that I’ve done one small thing to help make a better future for them.”

Joe and his partner, Sarah Fisher, recently had solar installed in response to the climate crisis, but also because “it makes us feel more like plants.”

“We contacted Third Sun as soon as we purchased our house in Millfield because of the urgency we feel about climate change, wanting to reduce the amount of CO2 we put into the atmosphere as soon as possible (to date we have prevented 4,200 lbs of CO2 from entering the atmosphere),” Joe says. “The panels also increase the value of our house, which is honestly less of a motivator for us but a nice bonus.”

In addition, Joe and Sarah’s decision to go solar with Third Sun supports local jobs.

“The crew who installed our panels was just back from a COVID-induced furlough and they were so happy to be back doing this work they enjoy,” Joe says. “It was a good feeling being a part of that and knowing we were investing in our fellow community members.”

Rural Action has partnered with Third Sun Solar to promote solar to our members. Now your purchase of a solar system for your home makes an even bigger impact on our community.

Here’s how the partnership works. If you’re interested in solar, click the link below for a free solar evaluation. If you decide to go solar, you will receive a $250 discount. And, as a way to double your impact, for every residential solar system purchased through the partnership, Rural Action will receive a $500 donation from Third Sun to help us advance our mission.

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