By Michelle Ajamian

ASFC’s Millers Peer Learning Group’s monthly meet ups have been enriched by short video tours of member mills and discussions about operations. Most recently, we toured Deep Roots Milling, in Nelson County, Virginia, hosted by Charlie Wade, one of the owners. The 1794 mill (Woodson Mill) Charlie and his partners use had been in continuous operation until the 1960s. Deep Roots holds a market on site once a month offering freshly milled grits and flour.

We next discussed how we can share and develop information on best practices for regional mill operations with information about crop receiving standards, crop storage and more. We will be comparing our approaches to operations towards the release of a draft document later this year.

Finally, several of our members wrote to the USDA to share how a resilient food system must include the center of the plate: Grains, Beans, and other crops that provide essential protein, carbohydrates and more! See one example of a letter written by miller, Nan Kohler of Grist & Toll in this newsletter!