If there’s a stream on or next to your property, you could be eligible to receive free trees as part of an effort to boost our watersheds.

Rural Action is working to identify sites where trees can be planted to improve the riparian buffer, the vegetated area adjacent to a stream that helps reduce erosion, provides aquatic habitat, and improves water quality. Once sites have been identified, volunteers will plant trees at no cost to the landowner.

Another recent initiative also focused on trees, with donors chipping in to fund the planting of 1,000 trees at the Baileys Trailhead in Chauncey.

The Baileys project and this program targeting landowners are testaments to the importance of trees in the ecosystem. Trees provide shade to keep the water cool for fish and smaller creatures, and the leaves from the trees feed the insects that fish eat. Trees also help slow sedimentation and help keep pollution and unneeded nutrients out of the water. The health of all streams is important no matter the size because smaller streams can be essential habitat for young fish before they are able to move further downstream.

If you are interested in receiving free trees, please click the link below to answer a few questions or contact Kylee Nichols at kylee@ruralaction.org if you have questions.

Free Trees