Athens County residents can now rent a log trailer with loading arm, tractor winch, or portable winch to assist with small-scale forestry management activities. In addition, a fetching arch, which allows logs to be lifted and moved from hard to access areas, will be available soon.

The log trailer and loader enables logs to be loaded and hauled to a sawmill for milling or sale, and the 8,500-pound pulling capacity tractor winch allows logs to be pulled up slopes and out of the forest. The fetching arch will enable logs of any length and up to 24 inches in diameter to be removed from the forest with minimal to no skidding on the ground. This reduces soil disturbance and is suitable for use in sensitive areas. It can be towed with an ATV or tractor, and can be pulled with the portable capstan winch.

“This equipment will greatly benefit our region and advance small-scale private land forestry by reducing common barriers to implementing forestry improvement practices and costs to landowners and businesses,” says Tanner Filyaw, Rural Action’s Sustainable Forestry Director.

For more information, contact Andrea Miller, Sustainable Forestry Program Manager.

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