Lower electric bills are nice, but the satisfaction of doing the right thing for the planet can be even nicer.

“While we have greatly reduced our electrical bills, the best part of solar for me is being able to set an example of doing the next right thing for my adult children and grandchildren,” says Janalee Stock, a retired school nurse and Rural Action member. “It is easy to think of one’s own individual efforts as a mere drop in the bucket of what needs to happen — does it really matter? Yes, it does!”

“Our solar array of 36 panels has been a visual beacon of hope on our barn roof for many years now. My husband is a high school science teacher, so we have always understood the facts around climate change. We realize the critical need to leave fossil fuels in the ground and support clean energy. I also understand how dirty fossil fuels and pollution ties into the high rates of asthma in our children.”

Is a solar system right for your home or business? Rural Action has partnered with Third Sun Solar to offer free solar evaluations to homeowners and businesses in our region.

If you decide to have Third Sun install a solar system, you’ll receive a $250 discount. To make it even better, Rural Action will receive $500.

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