Remember the first time you went to the Chesterhill Produce Auction? Or maybe you’ve yet to have that experience. Here’s your chance to see it through the eyes of an intern from Athens High School.

Hannah Bernstein is interning with Rural Action‘s Sustainable Agriculture team and wrote about her first day at CPA, which also happened to be Opening Day of the 2021 season.

“As a first-timer entering the world of the Chesterhill Produce Auction, I was surprised by how welcoming and bustling the auction was,” Hannah writes. “… For those who have never been to an auction, the auctioneer always talks super quickly. There are many things to auction off in a day, but he also wants to keep people excited and eager to participate. It is also vital to have an auctioneer with a good sense of humor.”

Check out the rest of Hannah’s report on opening day, and don’t miss the Spring Consignment Auction on April 10.

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