Appalachian Ohio is rich in natural assets, including a wealth of native oak, hickory, black walnut, and other trees that can be sustainably harvested and turned into beautiful wood products.

Are you ready for a career change? Or maybe you want to take your wood craft to the next level? Consider applying for the Appalachian Wood Craft Scholarship at the The Community Makerspace, where you’ll have access to tools, mentors, and courses that will teach you how to turn your skills into a profitable, sustainable business.

Thanks to Rural Action, the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks(ACEnet), and the Hocking Makers Network at Hocking College, we are able to offer full and partial scholarships to The Community MakerSpace at UpCycle Ohio.

Scholarships will be awarded based on a variety of factors, including economic need and the applicant’s desire to start a business.

Click below to learn more about the scholarship, the coursework offered, and how to apply.

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