No, we haven’t lost our minds. We’re really urging you to give your loved ones a little pollution from Sunday Creek this year.

That pollution comes in the form of Reclaimed Earth Colors, oil paints made by Gamblin in conjunction with True Pigments, a Rural Action social enterprise. The paints, which are made from iron oxide extracted from acid mine drainage in Sunday Creek, are completely safe. And money made from paint sales helps fund True Pigments’ efforts to clean up local waterways.

Each box set includes three colors: Brown Ochre, Rust Red, and Iron Violet. It comes with a ready-to-use primed painting surface crafted from sustainably harvested North American birch.

Just click below to purchase the perfect gift for that artist — or aspiring artist — in your life. Even if oil paints aren’t your thing, you still can buy beautiful artwork made with Reclaimed Earth Colors and produced by a local artist.

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