Bruce and Hylie Voss have long been environmental advocates. When they moved to Athens three years ago, they had the opportunity to incorporate solar energy into their new home and installed rooftop solar in January 2019.

The Vosses were inspired to go solar by Hylie’s parents, Mary Anne and Don Flournoy, longtime Third Sun Solar customers and Rural Action members, supporters, and advocates. The Flournoys were in the first wave of Third Sun Solar’s customers and had solar installed on their home in 2006. For Bruce and Hylie, it seemed natural to continue that legacy. When it was time to build their home, they incorporated solar into the construction process from the ground up.

Three years ago, the Vosses moved to Athens from Texas. The environmental momentum here in Ohio is different than Texas. Bruce says: “It was great to come into a community that was aggressively promoting science and we felt that we needed to do our part.”

Additionally, they were excited by the sleek technology, which has improved in performance and aesthetics since Third Sun’s early installations. The panels on their home are matte black and more subtle and efficient than the original panels that Hylie’s parents installed back in 2006.

The best part about installing solar? According to Bruce, “Anyone who comes to our home often asks about the panels – is the system doing what you want it to do?” They are excited to share information and their journey with others. Like Third Sun and Rural Action, the Vosses feel that the need to transition to a clean energy economy is vital. Any step our community members can take in that direction is important.

Rural Action has partnered with Third Sun Solar to promote solar to our members. That means when you purchase a solar system for your home, you can save money while expanding the positive impact of your solar installation. Together we will make a big difference.

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Double your impact: For every residential solar system purchased through the partnership, Rural Action will receive $500 to help us advance our mission.

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