Through our National Service program, initiatives targeting high school students, and professional training programs we work to grow local leaders who are capable of guiding our region in the 21st Century.

Appalachian Stewards

We are partnering with schools to deliver a hands-on, forest herb curriculum to students across the region. Lessons are adaptable depending on grade level,but topics covered include preferred habitat, conservation, plant biology and reproduction, plant history, uses, planting techniques, and, for older students, the basic economics for these commercially valuable herb species.

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Resilient Communities

Using an asset-based approach to economic development, Rural Action helps communities identify opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship.

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Appalachian Ohio Restore Corps/AmeriCorps Vista

National Service members are critical to Rural Action’s ability to “get things done,” and the programs serve as an excellent training ground for future local leaders.

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Women Grow Ohio

We work with Ohio women in agriculture to develop opportunities for connection, support, and promotion of their work.

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Social Enterprise

Rural Action encourages and creates businesses that feature a “triple bottom line” that focuses not only on prosperity but also on protecting the planet and benefitting people.

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Appalachian Green Teachers Project

Instead of studying science at desks, we partner with teachers to take kids out to interact with the living plants, animals, and ecosystems in their own backyards.

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Youth Climate Action Team

High school students learn to collaborate on projects that address climate change and the environment in their schools or communities.

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Grow Solar Jobs

This initiative supports the growth of the Appalachian solar industry by facilitating professional training for job-seekers who hope to advance their careers in the solar field.

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Entrepreneur Outreach and Support Networking

Small businesses turn to us for help identifying resources that will assist with employee training, marketing, raising capital, and improving management skills.

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