Date: Saturday, Sep 11th, 2021

Time: 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: Woodcock Nature Preserve

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Rural Action installed three alley cropping demonstration sites this year in an effort to support local farmers and the local economy, mitigate climate change, and address resource concerns. Join us at the Woodcock Nature Preserve to view one of our alley cropping demonstration sites. You’ll get an overview of what alley cropping is, it’s importance and get a chance to view the site.

Alley Cropping is an agroforestry practice that places trees and or shrubs within herbaceous crop plantings. It is useful for producers interested in growing multiple crops on the same acreage to improve whole-farm yield. Growing a variety of crops in close proximity to each other can create significant benefits to producers and help them manage risk. Compared with monoculture systems, alley cropping can address ecological concerns by providing wildlife habitat, sequestering carbon, reducing wind and water erosion, improving wildlife and pollinator habitat, increasing air and soil moisture and by reducing nutrient leaching into groundwater. Alley cropping can also increase economic diversity, land use efficiency, and overall yield.

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