Photo of tree species to be plantedCampaign Goal: $2,000

Dollars Raised: $2,000

Update: We have reached our goal for this campaign. In a little over a week, $2,000 was raised by 48 donors. Thank you, to those individuals. If you would still like to contribute, your donation will be applied to future plantings at Chauncey-Dover Community Park. Our next project will include a milkweed planting for pollinators, including the rare unexpected cycnia moth (Cycnia inopinatus) that has been identified in the area.

Rural Action needs your help to purchase and plant 1,000 trees in the community of Chauncey. By giving today, you will join many people who are working to restore a previously strip-mined landscape, enhance pollinator and wildlife habitat, and beautify a local community asset that is beginning to draw travelers from around the midwest.

The trees, which will include species like eastern redbud, flowering dogwood, wild black cherry, shagbark hickory, and white oak, will be planted near the Chauncey-Dover Community Park and the entrance to the Baileys Trail system.

The land surrounding the park and trailhead has been heavily impacted by industrial development and was formerly the site of an active coal mine. While reclamation activities have helped to heal the deepest wounds on the landscape the long-term impacts on the native plant community are still evident and have resulted in low species diversity, and the establishment of invasive species. By planting trees and increasing the diversity of native species on this site we can help create a more healthy, in-tact, and resilient forest community.

This effort is part of an on-going collaboration with the Outdoor Recreation Council of Appalachia, Wayne National Forest, and the National Forest Foundation to improve the quality of outdoor experiences and forest health in our local communities.

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If you are interested in taking part in the tree planting, let us know in the comments section of the donation form. Thank you.