From working with entrepreneurs to delivering fresh, local produce, these are a few of the ways Rural Action works to build up communities.

Entrepreneur Outreach and Support Networking

Small businesses turn to us for help identifying resources that will assist with employee training, marketing, raising capital, and improving management skills.

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Country Fresh Stops

We work with local food entrepreneurs to source and deliver healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables to areas with little or no access to fresh foods in Southeast Ohio. Country Fresh Stops locations include corner stores, gas stations, and roadside markets or “pop-up” markets in the most distressed regions of Appalachian Ohio.

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Zero Waste Action Plan

This roadmap for solid waste management provides a unified vision and path that Athens and Hocking counties are following to work toward a zero waste economy.

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The Rural Open Access Development Mobility Access Plan (ROADMAP) is a three year initiative that is studying the impact of mobility access and alternative fuel technologies in rural areas.

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Appalachian Clean Transportation

The Appalachian Clean Transportation Initiative works on strategies to bring clean transportation infrastructure and development to Appalachian Ohio.

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EV Cruisers Club

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Cruisers electric car club originally started in Athens County, Ohio, in early 2016. The club acts as a hub for networking between EV owners, advocates, and enthusiasts who believe in the future of electric transportation throughout Appalachia Ohio.

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Appalachia Accessible Food Network

This collaborative project is designed to strengthen access, production, and hub consumption components of the local food value chain in Appalachian Ohio.

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Rural Food Hub Development

We work with regional partners to develop food hubs, including Chesterhill Produce Auction, the Nelsonville Food Hub, and the Perry County Farmers Market Cooperative.

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Appalachian Ohio Watershed Council

A collective voice makes the biggest impact. The Appalachian Ohio Watershed Council (AOWC) is a group of organizations and individuals interested in the best management of water resources throughout our region. We meet quarterly and provide training and resources to our members.

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Zero Waste Event Guide

From small family get-togethers to festivals or conferences, this guide helps planners reduce environmental impact and raise awareness about waste reduction.

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Trails, Towns, and Ecotourism

Our focus on asset-based development shows communities how their rivers, lakes, forests, and farms can become key drivers of tourism and other opportunities.

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Healthy Food Access + Farm to Institution

Institutions including colleges, universities, hospitals and schools represent a major economic force as well as a substantial consumer of food and provider of meals. To increase local food production we work with institutional partners and their stakeholders to facilitate and stimulate local food purchases. We also provide training and assistance to producers looking to access institutional markets.

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