Zero Waste Champion: Jim Couts

Jim of Jubilee Promotes Bokashi Compost

Jim Couts of Jubilee Gardens

Jim Couts of Jubilee Gardens

Environmentalism has been a part of Jim Couts life from a very early age. He grew up on an organic farm and his father subscribed to an organic farming magazine in the early 1940s. This impacted how Jim saw the environment for the rest of his life and influenced his decision to start Jubilee Organic Gardens in Marietta, Ohio.

Jubilee Organic Gardens specialize in diverting organic waste from the landfill and converting it into compost and soil additives.

Jim acquires waste from area hospital, schools, and Marietta College. Instead of composting this waste through traditional means, Jim uses a technique known as bokashi. This is an acidic anaerobic fermentation process that only takes two weeks. The compost created from the bokashi can then be mixed with soil and acts as an organic fertilizer.

Jim sells the bokashi product as well as bokashi kits, worm casings and coconut coir, an alternative to peat moss. Additionally, they sell a variety of organic composting products and look to spread awareness of the benefits of organic composting. Contact Jim at 740-535-0278 or