R&R Gulf and Rural Action Announce Country Fresh Stop Location in Roseville with Kickoff Event

The R&R Gulf in Roseville is hosting an event Tuesday, June 16 at 10:00 am to kick-off their involvement in Rural Action’s “Country Fresh Stop” project. During the Country Fresh Stop Kick-off there will be a produce cookout, samples, information on the project, fresh produce available for purchase and more. The R&R Gulf is located at 4 N. Main St. Roseville, OH 43777.

The Country Fresh Stop Project developed by Rural Action in 2011 takes fresh, local produce from the Chesterhill Produce Auction in Morgan County, Ohio and distributes it to storefronts that exist in designated food deserts—areas where a substantial number of residents live in low-income households and do not have access to grocery stores or healthy, affordable food—or places that have self-identified as having very low access to produce.

This year, the R&R Gulf in Roseville will become the fourth Country Fresh Stop Location in southeast Ohio. They have committed to buying seasonal local produce to make available to the community. Additionally, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits will be accepted. Other country Fresh Stop locations include the Cee-Dee Handy Mart in Chauncey, Oh; West Virginia University at Parkersburg in WV, and Camden Clark Medical Center in WV.

“The Country Fresh Stop project is a way to take local produce from area farmers and make it available in communities seeking access to fresh food. It helps the local farmers, it helps the individuals in that area, and it helps the local food system as a whole,” said Tom Redfern, Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry at Rural Action.

The initiative in Roseville brings together funds from a United States Department of Agriculture Rural Business Enterprise (RBEG) grant, and from the Perry County Health Department. These two partners have made the R&R Gulf’s start-up to be successful.

Rural Action is a membership based organization working to build sustainable local economies in Appalachian Ohio. For more information about Rural Action’s work visit www.ruralaction.org. For more information about the Chesterhill Produce Auction visit www.ohiofoodshed.org


Tom Redfern
Director of Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry
740.677.4047 ex. 21

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