Zero Waste Businesses

We proudly present Zero Waste Businesses who have taken the initiative to reduce their waste through purchasing reusable products, recycling and composting, and committing to educating the community about zero waste practices.

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Click here to view Morris Hardware’s Pledge!



Click here to view St. John The Evangelist School’s Pledge!





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Click here to see Cool Digs RENEWAL Pledge!





Click here to see Blue Rock Station’s Pledge!





Click here to see Herbal Sage’s Pledge!


Click here to see Nelsonville York High School’s Pledge!

Click here to see First Presbyterian Church of Athens’ Pledge!




Click here to see Nelsonville Emporium’s RENEWAL Pledge!






Check out the Snowville Creamery Pledge!




Check out the Casa Nueva Pledge!







Check out the Standard Salon Pledge!







Check out the United Campus Ministries Pledge!







Check out the Avalanche Pledge!






Check out the City of Athens Pledge!







Check out Matt Wedel Studio’s Pledge!





Check out Coral Marie’s Pledge!





Check out Athens Impact Socially Responsible Investing’s Pledge!






Check out their Pledge!





Check out their Pledge!



Check out their Pledge!


Check out their pledge!



Check out their 2017 pledge!

Check out their 2015 pledge!


Check out the Appilachian Center for Economic Networks- ACEnet’s Athens facility’s Pledge!




Check out Little Fish’s Pledge!




 Check out Christ Lutheran Church’s Pledge!





Check out CFI’s Pledge! 



Check out Nelsonville Emporium’s Pledge! 






Check out Black Diamond Bicycle’s Pledge! 





Check out Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare’s Pledge! 




Check out Real World Organizing’s Pledge! 





Check out Ohio University Inn’s pledge! 




 Check out Nelsonville Library’s pledge! 

Check out Chauncey Library’s pledge! 




Check out their pledge !






Check out their pledge!






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Check out their pledge!




Check out their pledge!


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Check out their pledge!






Check out their pledge!




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Check out their pledge!








Check out their pledge!




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Check out their pledge!

Athens county commissioners


Check out their pledge!

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