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DSCN5351Our Philosophy

Day Camp Raccoon CreekSpreading the word about reducing waste through education and outreach is very important to us. We believe that one of the best places to begin this effort is with our youth. Through multiple lessons and workshops created for students by our staff, we hope to expand each child’s knowledge by becoming more aware of waste and its lasting effects on our ecosystem. We plan to also inspire our students to take action and protect our environment through the techniques taught in our lesson plans.

Index card2Lessons and Workshops

Our staff has created a multitude of lessons varying in length and content, such as a recycling relay and a waste scavenger hunt. We can tailor our lessons to fit any schedule. We are able to make them last anywhere from 20 minutes to a full day, or multi-day visits. The AOZWI team has worked with elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as local churches. These lesson plans are hands on and help students to understand waste diversion in an interactive setting. Through our educational outreach workshops and lessons we hope to make students more aware of waste and resource consumption, teach good habits – such as recycling and composting, all while having lots of 

Tailoring Activities to Your Classroom

Each lesson can be altered to best suit each teacher or schools needs. All of our lesson plans follow The Ohio Department of Education Revised Standards and Model Curriculum, and the content taught can be applied to an array of school subject areas. Our lessons are also suitable for any other type of organization such as day camps, scouts, and youth groups.                     

Waste Audits

drawingOur team at AOZWI also offers waste audits for students to participate in. This is a great activity which enables children to apply learned concepts by sorting through waste generated by their school, camp or event. During the waste audit, students will learn how to divert waste from the landfill through composting, reusing, and recycling in their very own school. Children will enjoy learning concepts taught by the AOZWI team that can be applied to their daily lives.

If you would like to host the AOZWI staff at your school or organization, or would like to learn more about waste diversion and recycling please contact  

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